Earth Day, 25 years ago

My Dad writes :
Hey, Son...
I just went to Google and saw that it's Earth Day. So you should know exactly where you were 25 years ago today.
I went to work for Dupont in March 1978. After my training in Newton Connecticut was complete, Pam flew to Kennedy Airport in New York, where I met her and we rented a car. We then took a week driving vacation from NYC as far as Maryland. Then we returned to NY and flew home to begin our home-owning, child-raising life.
Earth Day 1978 Pam and I were walking across the Mall (between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial) in DC. There was an Earth Day celebration in progress. Lots of 'youth' were cavorting on the grass. Somebody let fly with a Frisbee and smacked Pam right in the belly (and therefore, you, right in the head).
Draw what conclusions about your own life you wish from this prenatal experience.
And Happy Earth Day!


  • michele says:

    hey! number one: good story. #2: how did you add that “email this story” feature thing? email me directions please! =)

  • kati says:

    Wow, great picture – that is very cool. And … well I think it explains a lot of things.

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