My favorite number


24 is a great number, it's actually my favorite number. 24 is so divisible. 2 by 12, 3 by 8, 4 by 6. It doesn't get much better than that.

I've always kind of thought of her as dangerous, I mean a kid that age with an expression like that. I don't know, that just looks like a big old bucket of risk. I think she's turned out pretty well though. I won't show you the others in this picture, they look like a bunch of rubes.

Happy birthday love, I had a great time at dinner with you last night. I'm looking forward to this month during which we're the same age. Spooky. Have a great day, how is horse and I love you.

Ok, just one more picture.


  • didofoot says:

    you are my favorite number too. I mean, U is my favorite letter. I mean U ARE my favorite letter. I mean…

  • Kati says:

    Happy birthday Kristen!! I hope you have a wonderful day (and month and year) and that Gene treats you like a queen, (I mean, more than he usually does, if he usually does).
    My favorite number is 28, because 2 and 8 are tied for 1st place in my Favorite Number Race. So, I combined them.
    My favorite letter is probably K. A capital K with lots of superfluous swirls on it. For Kati. Or Kristen. Or Karma. Or Kris Kristofferson.
    anyway, have a great birthday! (that beach picture is great, btw).

  • nuala says:

    Hey! I’m in that picture! It’s Truckee. I know it is.
    Kristen, I meant to send you a card, I did, but somehow this week has gotten away from me. I love you.
    Happy birthday.

  • robyn says:

    Have a good one, fellow scaly libra lady.

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