Focus group makes Gene richest he’ll ever be

So I headed downtown this evening to participate in a focus group on public transportation. It's being held in an office building in downtown. I get there just before it begins and am led into a waiting area with the other people in the group. They look like tools. I forget how selective my peer group is. I take a seat and everyone has been chowing down on the free sandwiches and soda. I lean back in my chair and stare at this beautiful flower arrangement they have on the table. It's massive. I sit there for about 5 minutes, examining these flowers. After 5 minutes, this hip looking guy in a suit comes in and asks everyone to come into a room. As we're all getting up he says, "Eugene, which one of is Eugene?" I wave and he says to stay behind. My ego immediately rips through it's shoddy-pieced-together-after-a-thousand-escapes cage and I feel like the golden child. For what reason I don't know, just that I was selected out of this room of rabble. He leads them into another room and comes back to inform me that they invited too many people (in the expectation that some wouldn't show) and they didn't have room. He lead me up to the front desk and cut me a check for 85$. I left and am back home now. I realized that this is the highest pay rate I will ever earn. In my life. 85$ for 5 minutes work (staring at flowers) works out to $1,020 per hour. That's $2,121,600 a year salary. To have peaked so early in life. What a shame.


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