VFR Update

Thursday at about 2pm I got a call from Emeryville police. They'd found my bike in Oakland. It had been stripped. They said to pick it up I had to call Oakland PD because there was a "hold" on the bike. I called the Oakland impound yard and asked how do I get my bike because there's a hold on it. They transfer me to traffic because the hold is a "traffic hold". I talk to a guy in traffic who informs me that the bike was in a fatal accident (one in which somebody died). Because of this they have to keep the bike for a week or so to investigate the death. I've been trying to reach the cop who's on the case to find out the specifics, but with now luck. From this I'm assuming that the guy who stole the bike is dead since he probably wasn't able to sell it in 2 days, and if there's an accident involving a motorcycle and somebody dies, it's probably the rider. I'm also assuming that the bike is in poor shape since if there was enough energy in the collision to kill the rider, the bike probably didn't fare too well either. I'll post more when I find it out.


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