APE 2005 : Alternative Press Expo Day 1 Wrapup

So I managed to attend the Alternative Press Expo here in San Francisco
on Saturday for the third or fourth year now. The artists were great as always,
though the talks were not as good this year. Here are the finds of the show, in my opinion. If you see something you like, check out the author's site and let him or her know, or buy something.

Jonathan Wayshak - Visual Best of Show

Dave Correia - Visual 2nd Place

Aneurin Wright - Visual 3rd Place

Brad Silverman - Visual Favorite

Nick Butler - Visual Favorite

Amy Kim Ganter - Visual Favorite

Joanna Estep - Visual Favorite

JT O'Neal - Visual Mention

Sam Kieth - Visual Mention [Creator of The Maxx]

Victor Whitmill - Visual Mention [Tatoo artist breaking into graphic art]

James Courtney - Visual Mention

Alison Doran - Up and comer to keep an eye on

Dan Goodsell - Best in category that I can't come up with

Casey Crowe and Zach Lopez - Story Favorite

Tone Milazzo - Humor Favorite

Lev - Humor Favorite

Poopy Lickles - Humour Mention


  • kati says:

    Those are amazing,
    but that first one is fucking scary.

  • gene says:

    One final find at APE was the work of Danny Roberts. I was going to add him in here, but his website was down. Go ahead and check out Damned Ink Studios

  • gene says:

    Check out his (Danny Roberts) gallery of The Injured, it’s really impressive.

  • michele says:

    i like the slice of toast guy. anddddd some of the other ones. but the one i remember right now is toast. i like anthropomorphic breakfast items. eggs (heros), bad aigs (bad doods), cheese wheels (heroines), belgium waffles (snooty), cheerios, (always getting lost under the fridge).

  • michele says:

    i totally just read the whole comic book here by your number 6 person. i’m not the hugest fan of the style or the writing, but i was still totally engrossed by it. possibly in part because it was a better option than index coding.

  • Jacob says:

    Page #5 (Brad Silverman) is paying homage to Daisy Kutter, who was originally conceived by Kazu Kibuishi. Kazu is the artist I was telling you about who drew “Copper” and “Clive & Cabbage”. (Rabbit & Cabbage from my poor memory)

  • gene says:

    Page 4 and here’s a link to the real Daisy Kutter

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