Like light and dark

I guess I see Jared Kelly as the evil version of myself. I met him at Commerce One and within the first week realized he was what would make the job suck. I, fairly early on, deemed him my nemesis. Over the year and a half working with him at Commerce One I came to have an odd relationship with him in that I still hated him but also was friends with him. I haven't known this to exist before. He can be a real ass but for some reason I still enjoyed hanging out with him, even through the inevitable abuse. So I now find myself working (as seems to now be the norm for my professional life) a yard away from him again. It's now been a bit over 6 months of working with him at the new job, and as could be expected, nothing changes. I guess at this point there's a bit of equity in the crap dealing so at least I don't feel so beat up at the end of the day, and I still consider him my friend and enjoy hanging out with him. People at my job now seem to think of us as a team. Dysfunctional, but a team.

Jared is the one on the right looking the lamest of all of us in that photo.


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