I was taking the F streetcar into downtown on my way to work day before yesterday. It was the first day back from vacation. It was rainy and dark. Everyone on the train looked like they were half asleep. Most were wearing business attire, heading to work. A couple got on the streetcar. They were wearing snake/reptile skin outfits. Both of them. Head to toe. Pants, Jacket, the works. The outfits matched exactly.


  • jason says:

    but they were half asleep, weren`t they?

  • gene says:

    No, they weren’t. That was part of the freakyness. It was like they were on they’re way to a Harley convention. At 8am on a weekday in San Francisco.

  • cody says:

    Please don’t make fun of the business attire people. Cuz sometimes that’s me. Also, I’m very sensitive about being one of those “working” people, now that Jay is unemployed by choice.
    Gene, why did I see you on the train?

  • gene says:

    I was going to work. I work in Oakland.

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