I can’t believe I named a band

So while visiting my friend Allen in Amsterdam last summer, I got to attend one of his bands early performances. They hadn't settled on a name and had a gig that Monday night (April 17th 2006). Kris, Allen and I were throwing around band names, proposing different things for them to use that night (to tide them over till they got a real band name). As most people who know me are aware, I love coming up with band names, and do so in many idle moments. Needless to say, this was no band-name-genesis amateur endeavor. So, for better or worse, I suggested Caspian Hat Dance. There was a general interest in the name, and the band decided to go use it that night.

I'm going to visit Allen again next month and I just went to check google, remembering that Kris had said that, to Allen's chagrin, the band had decided to keep the name. Holy shit! I mean I guess this shouldn't surprise me, they're a really great band, and they're still together performing now a year later, but still to see all of this material out there on the web with a name that I came up with. Well I guess this is what actually creative people must feel like all the time (when Jack hears me humming a song he wrote, or when Kris sees someone reading her article in the paper). I'll settle with seeing webpages of Allen's band with their band name.

Here are some videos of the band.

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