End of an Era

On July 28th I moved us out of the tortilla factory next to the Oakland Airport. For that past seven years or so our collective digital home has been primarily based out of a below ground utility closet in a massive tortilla factory (smells like lunch) near OAK. Our server, gloria, has been living in that un-climate-controlled room, connected to a shared T1 (1.5 mbps symmetric) and serving up blogs, websites, photo galleries, and email.

Since January of 2007, we've been living on an additional server, odessa, hosted out of datacenters in first Santa Clara and now Rancho Corodva. I've been migrating sites and functionality over from gloria to odessa for the past two and a half years (wow, didn't realize I was that slow). A few weeks ago I finished the final migrations steps, shut gloria down, drove to the tortilla factory in a borrowed car and picked up the server.

What this means is that we are now running fully on a modern operating system (Redhat Enterprise Linux 5) with modern software (php 5.1, mysql 5.0, apache 2.2) that's easy to keep patched and updated, and easy to find software for. This is what allowed us to move to Movabletype 4.25 for the blogs and Gallery 2.3 for photo ablums.

I leave you with some photos of the tortilla factory and the now retired gloria.


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