What “Sicko” should have been


I watched Michael Moore's "Sicko" when it came out and found it interesting. It had the same weaknesses that all Micahel Moore's films have which is fascinating information sifted into an overall disingenuous and misleading story. It had lots of really cool information that I was not aware of. It also had Michael Moore with a megaphone on a boat floating off the coast of cuba whining at Gitmo. At the end of the film I'm left pretty much where I started. There's all of this information that I now know, but at the same time I realize that it was delivered to me by someone attempting to manipulate me. I have to pick through it and find small nuggets of fact and try to disregard the rest of the film.

Today I watched a great episode of my favorite TV show, Frontline produced by WGBH. The episode is called "Sick Around The World" and really does what Sicko should have done. It gives a balanced and thorough examination of the healthcare systems in 5 other rich industrialized countries. I highly recommend watching this since it gives desperately missing context to the question of what should a healthcare system be.

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