Muni aint so bad


I've had a mixed couple days here. This morning's commute took an hour fifteen. Twenty minutes on the bike had I ridden. I can't really complain because while picking up some high-value BART tickets today I drew the "BART favor in your error. Collect $15" monopoly card. I handed over my two commuter checks for $45 and $60, and was given two bart tickets, I turned to walk away and checked the value on the tickets to make sure I'd gotten the right one's only to find two $64 dollar BART tickets. I figured I'd just handed over different commuter checks than I'd thought I had but after catching my train when I looked at the stubs they were indeed $45 and $60. Anyhow, brightened my morning despite the delay

This, however, is not the real news (or related to the photo above). The real news is that next week Tuesday Feb 2, your humble Concrete Skyline will be engineering the live performance of none other than The Album Leaf, live on KALX. That's right, I will be working with Jimmy LaValle and the band on Tuesday. For those playing the home game, The Album Leaf is one of my favorite bands. I'll also be at their show at the great american on the 12th. So tune in Tuesday at 1pm or listen online.

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