Demian Bulwa AKA Columbo

As some of you may know, Zembla and I cite Demian Bulwa, staff writer at the Chron, as being one of the best examples of the miserable state of affairs over at the Chron. You can read about Bulwa's excellent journalistic work here where he explains how an 11 year old drug use conviction explains why someone shouldn't be allowed to drive, and here where we get insight into the connection between terrorists in Lodi and truck drivers burning down freeways.

I found out today that Bulwa has been publishing top notch content for many many years now. In his 2004 article on a murder in Hillsborough he puts on his Columbo hat and finds an interesting connection between this murder in which the victims and suspects were Asian and three robberies in the prior 6 years, also involving Asians.

"Home-invasion robberies involving Asians are not unheard of, however, even in Hillsborough. Police said today that three other Asian families in the town had been the victims of such robberies since 1998."

So it looks like Hillsborough is having an epidemic of either crimes committed by Asians or crimes against Asians. I'm beginning to see the connection. I'm not sure here if the Asians are the good guys or the bad guys but they're clearly at fault, either for being victimized or for victimizing. I'm sure it's unrelated to the fact that Hillsborough is 23.6% Asian.

It looks like his keen observation however didn't make it into the revised draft of his article. It's too bad because this kind of investigative journalism should've gotten him a Pulitzer.

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