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Givi V46

Yesterday morning while riding through the Posey Tube from Alameda to Oakland, I rode over about 4 botts' dots and the vibrations somehow detached my Givi V46 motorcycle luggage case from my motorcycle. I reached back and it was gone. I immediately exited the tube, swung around, flew through the Webster tube back to Alameda, turned around and went back through the Posey tube to find it (maybe 4 minutes later). Nothing. No debris, no case, no evidence of any kind that it had been there minutes before.

I retraced my path, walked into the Posey tube thinking I was losing my mind. No luck.

Posted a craigslist lost and found yesterday to no avail and then this morning called Oakland PD to see if they had somehow picked it up in the minutes between when it fell off and when I got back to that location. They said to call Caltrans. Caltrans didn't find anything in the tube yesterday. Finally called Alameda PD, started to explain what happened and the operator says "Ya I think one of our officers picked that up yesterday, one moment". A minute later Office Pasco comes on the line and says someone handed it off to him yesterday. I say I'll come by immediately to pick it up and he says not to worry about it, he'll bring it to me. Ten minutes later he's at my office building with my top case.

This is the side of peace officers that I want to see more of. Effective, helpful, generous. Awesome. I like Alameda. I'm glad I moved here.

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