Cool stuff at Maker Faire 2011

Here's some cool stuff that I saw at the Maker Faire today :

  • Forbidden Island : New (2010) game by Matt Leacock
  • The Atari 800 : There was one in a booth at the faire and it reminded me that my family used to have one and it was alot of fun. I need to get an emulator.
  • The Open Organisation of Lockpickers : I gotta get a kit from these guys, cool stuff.
  • Educational Garden Tour on June 18th
  • Lawn be Gone : The Bay Area Water Supply & Conservation Agency had a booth with examples of replacements for lawn that use less water. Heck they'll also subsidize it for you.
  • The Mushroom Kit : Grow your own mushrooms! Makes me think I should figure out how to get mushroom spores and use Kris's used coffee grounds (which we have a ton of) and grow some mushrooms.
  • Night Shift : I gotta try out this LucasArts game from 1990. The premise is hilarious.
  • Humble Earth Fireflies : Very cool idea (solar/battery powered LED fireflies). Maybe I'll try to make something (less complicated) than this that looks like fireflies.
  • Digital Game Museum : These guys are doing cool stuff. Hope they get some funding.
  • Rainwater Harvesting : Cool resources for setting up rainwater harvesting [1] [2] [3]

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  • Kristen says:

    Wow, I am actually interested in almost all of this. Let’s get our lawn removal subsidized! And I definitely want to play that Lucas Arts game.

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