Dalai Lama 4 by 4

So I just woke up and this is what I was dreaming.

I was in front of my house, not any house I've ever actually lived in. It was a suburban home but it was in some huge eucalyptus forest. It was on a court with other houses and the court connected to a big highway. I was out front talking to a neighbor about what, I don't remember, when a blue 1980's style beat up 4x4 pickup turns into the court. The neighbor and I both notice this since we live in a fairly out of the way place. It's about an hour before sunset and everything is dark from the big trees and from the overcast sky. My house is on the corner of the court and the big highway. So the 4x4 makes a u-turn and slowly drives up on to the lawn, which is my side yard. I can't believe it but it looks like this guy is about to do a smokin' burnout on my lawn. Everything is wet cause its been raining and for some reason I know that if I go over and hold onto the tail gate of the truck, the lawn is muddy enough that the truck won't actually be able to get away. My intent at this point is, even thought this guy is gonna fuck up my lawn, I'll at least catch him. I run over and grab the back of the truck and it starts trying to do a smokin' burnout. Mud is flying everywhere, but I'm able to immobilize this truck. I'm trying to figure out how I can attach the truck to something so I can go up and pull the guy out of the cab. I somehow use a hammer to wedge into the handle of the tailgate and this somehow works to stop the truck from moving, even though the tires are still spinning. This whole time I've been thinking I'd just look at the license plate since holding this damn truck is hard, but the plate is obscured. I climb up on top of the truck bed and walk towards the cab only to look in the back window and see that the passenger is none other than the Dalai Lama in full Tibetan regalia with his giant 1980's tinted sunglasses. So I'm in the truck bed, mud's flying everywhere and I'm screaming out "DALAI LAMA, PLEASE STOP." The hammer breaks loose and the truck spins out into the road and I'm yelling into the truck cab "HOW CAN YOU BE DOING THIS, IT'S HURTING NATURE. ISN'T THIS AGAINST EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR.", and I see in the mirror the Dalai Lama realize that I'm right and tells the driver to stop. I get out of the truck and walk over to the window and see him having a conversation with the driver and another guy, both Tibetan monks, who are ashamedly now admitting that the Dalai Lama is right and that driving onto peoples lawns, though fun, is not right. It also comes to light that they aren't actually "docents". Apparently they've been driving the Dalai Lama all over doing smokin' burnouts on peoples lawns. Then I wake up.