The Matrix

I'd just like to say what a revolution in film the movie "The Matrix" was. It's part of the canon at this point and so I often forget how wonderful it is. Sure would be great to be able to go back 9 years and enjoy it for the first time all over again.

Armored bears, pandas and people

I just got back from watching The Golden Compass. It had a weak screenplay, but the acting was good. I'd say it can be skipped. I did however get to watch something really enjoyable after getting home which I'd encourage you to enjoy if you've got a couple hours on your hands while not watching Golden Compass, which is Ken Miller's talk at Case Western 12 months ago on January 3rd, on the topic of "The Collapse of Intelligent Design: Will the next Monkey Trial be in Ohio?".

Sneakers and Legends of the Fall

James Horner's score for Sneakers in 1992 heavily influenced his score for Legends of the Fall 2 years later in 94. Listen to the low piano parts in Legends and you'll recognize them from Sneakers.

Listen to 1:10 - 1:55 on track 7 of the Legends of the Fall score entitled "Farewll, Descent into Madness" and you'll hear these low piano parts clearly. Also check out 7:22 - 7:48 of the same track and compare it to the reveal in Sneakers when Cosmo opens the empty answering machine on the roof of the bogus toy company office building, and the camera drops down to waist level as that spotlight saturates his face. I've always been a huge fan of both scores but only recently realized how similar they are.

If this at all inspires you to check out James Horner's other fantastic scores, I'd direct you to Field of Dreams The Land Before Time and An American Tale.