Cementhorizon five year birthday party tonight!

Come out to the Cementhorizon five year birthday party tonight at my place in the Castro. We'll have jello shots, a birthday cake, photobooth 2.0, a chocoloate fountain (wow Matt), and superstar bloggers (I Fought The Law, Nyataimori, Zembla, Carthage, Concrete Skyline and more).

More info can be found at Concrete Skyline and Nyataimori.

The fun starts at 8pm. Send an email to rsvp@cementhorizon.com for the exact address.

Seeya there

Canoeing coming up Sunday July 30th

UPDATE : We are going to Burke's not King's. More information on Burke's here.

Don't forget that this weekend we're going canoeing. Sunday July 30th. Here's some information about the trip.

Questions and Answers

  • When : Sunday July 30th, 2004 9AM until around 7PM. The trip down the river takes 4 or 5 hours assuming we take some time to swim and eat lunch and stuff.
  • Where : Guerneville, CA
  • Where exactly : At King's Kayak and Canoe Rentals located at 16258 Main St. Guerneville, CA 95446. In previous years we've gone to Burke's but this year we're going to try something new. If you're curious here are the relative locations of Burke's (the place we normally go) and King's (the place we're going this year).
  • How much : A two-person canoe rental costs $50 for the day and there are 6 canoes total. This usually is split between 2 people for 25$ a piece. A two-person kayak is $45. Solo kayaks are $30. Cash only no credit. If 3 people want to join up to cut costs or because one person is lazy, and have 2 people paddle and one person sit in the middle of the canoe and hang out.
  • How long does it take to get to Guerneville : About an hour and 45 minutes from San Francisco.
  • Where are we going to leave from : We can caravan in multiple cars and we'll meet at the SafeWay parking lot at Church and Market. This way we'll be able to park and assemble. If you don't live in Berkeley/Oakland or the City, you may want to go directly there and meet us at the site.
  • What time are we going to leave from Safeway : We'll head out at 9AM, try to get to Safeway at 8:30 to 8:45 cause we aint waitin'. Make sure to eat breakfast before you come over or bring/buy some food to eat on the drive up, canoeing takes a lot of energy. If you're planning on shopping at SafeWay, DON'T arrive at 8:30. Arrive before so you've got time to shop for food and then head out with everybody.
  • How do I contact Gene if I have questions : Call me on my cell phone at 415 722 9846.
  • What should I bring : (Listed in Order of Importance)

    So Vital that failing to bring these items, means you shouldn't go at all.

    • 25$ in cash (or 30$ if you're getting a solo kayak)
    • River shoes (Tivas, or some kind of sandle shoe that you can get wet, and still wear and that you can climb on rocky river bottom with. Old shoes work.)
    • Sunscreen


    • Lunch to go in the cooler
    • Drinks (it's gonna be hot and you will get very thirsty. Bottled water is a good idea) [No glass]
    • Change of clothes to leave in the car so you don't have to ride home wet.

    A good idea.

    • A hat.
    • clothes that you don't mind getting wet in
    • sunglasses
    • a pack to put your water bottles in and BUNGEE CHORDS to attach it to that canoe, so you don't lose it when the canoe tips over.

    I will bring a cooler and bungee chords to put in my canoe to keep the lunch. If someone else wants to bring a cooler and bungee chords, then we can fit more stuff. Optional however.

  • What's the weather going to be like : Warm and sunny.

Who's going

I'll update this with the pairs of people as they get decided.

  • Ilkka
  • Sean
  • Gene
  • Kris
  • Christine
  • Michele
  • Cassie
  • Cassie's Guest
  • Dianna

Vehicle to Person Ratio

  • Passing through SF / Berkeley Oakland
  • Passing through the Far East
  • People going on their own and meeting us in Forestville

Wondercon 2006

Anyone going to WonderCon this year? Friday-Sunday Feb 10 - Feb 12. I'm not sure which day I want to go yet. Let me know if anyone is interested.