That was a lot of Crêpes

48 Crêpes, many bottles of champagne and juices, and I don't know how many tours of the new house later I'm now 32. Thanks to everyone who made it over for the most last minute Crêpestravaganza one could imagine. Kris and I finished off the evening sitting around a fire in the fireplace with Adam and Christine while the lightning and thunder came down. Then some excellent arrabiata (as always) by Kris. And finally closed the evening with a viewing of Inception. Now i'm off to the 2010 San Mateo International Motorcycle Show with Kevin for some bike porn.

Canoeing Sunday July 22 : Save the Date


On July 22nd, we will be going canoing on the Russian River. This is only a Save-the-Date proclamation, more info on carpooling, times, etc., will follow once we actually hit July. But for now, take this date to heart for it is the day we shall set sail on the mighty river and let fate be our rudder! We'll toss off our ballast and steer (from the poop-deck) into the sunset of our lives! Oh!, what a day will we have, on July 22nd, when we take to the oars and brave tide-pools, sea dragons, and sexy, sexy sirens! Ahoy! Avast! A pirate's life for me!


Russian River Pirate Contingent Fun Committee