Field Day 2011


Come out Saturday to Treasure Island to check out my Amateur Radio club participating in Field Day. Field Day is a yearly event where ham radio users around north america compete to establish as many connections with other hams around the world as they can. I'll be there from Saturday morning all the way through Sunday mid-day broadcasting. Come on down and you can even jump on the air with me if you like. We'll be setup here :

Feel free to give me a call or just drop by.

Note, there is a Flea Market nearby from 9am - 4pm on Saturday which may make parking a bit sparser than usual.

I got it!

After a four month hiatus, I'll be back on the air starting Thursday. Tonight I was awarded the Thursday 9:30pm to Midnight show on KALX for one year. If you've enjoyed the show before, feel free to tune in from now on. Additionally in the last 4 months, our internet feeds have been fixed and now work all the time. You can find them on KALX. We've got mp3 and ogg.

I always felt a bit that my Wednesday morning 6AM to 9AM show was an interim show, a stepping stone. I always felt like I was waiting to get a good show. That has finally happened now.

Good Morning Tuesday

I've been meaning to mention this for a while but hadn't gotten around to it. You can now listen to me on KALX 90.7 FM in the San Francisco Bay Area Tuesday mornings from 6AM - 9AM. For those driving into work, put me on in the car. For those with a radio alarm clock, let me wake you up, for those who listen to music at work or don't live in the bay area, listen on the internet. I typically play electronica, alternative rap, jazz, classic comedy, indie rock, soundtracks, classic country, surf rock, 60's psychedelic rock and kitchen sink. The only stuff you probably won't hear on my show is punk, young country, gangsta rap, and adult contemporary. Feel free to call in if you're bored or would like to hear something. 510-642-KALX. I'm Concrete Skyline.