Craigslist rules!

So here's the timeline :

  • 10:52 post to craiglist an entry saying come get my 2 chairs, they're free.
  • 12:06 email from a guy named Troy arrives saying he can pick them up within the hour. I email him my phone number and he calls around 12:30
  • 12:30 He says he'll be right over to pick them up. I take the craigslist entry down and notice that in that time (an hour and a half) the photo gallery with the pictures of the chairs that I put up ( ) has been viewed 67 times. All I can say is wow.

UPDATE : I have since taken the pictures of the chairs down if you're wondering why that link doesn't work. -Gene


  • jason says:

    It really is a special experience giving things away on craigslist. If you’re ever frustrated with the slow pace of your life, just post a free couch and within half an hour, you’ll be the most popular kid it on the block.

  • sean says:

    The couches are gone, then? It’s been quite a run, from me buying them at a garage sale for someone leaving the country after PG&E’s bankruptcy, to them, you know, sitting there with people sitting on them, sometimes. Remember that time Mike fell asleep in the chair? Actually, maybe it was that other chair. Goodbye chairs, adios sillas, arrivederci sedie.

  • sean says:

    chairs, i mean

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