Voice clone?

IRC chat log :

(01:28:45 PM) gene: apparently, Jane just interviewed a guy who has my voice and my speech mannerisms. I don't really know what to do about this
(01:29:38 PM) rch: uh oh
(01:29:45 PM) rch: you're going to need to eccentrify
(01:29:48 PM) rch: this is my territory
(01:29:58 PM) rch: i'll prepare some educational material and props for you for tonight

4th of July Wikipedia entry

If you have an opportunity today to check out the wikipedia article on Independence Day, I highly recommend it. It's written from an anthropoligical point of view with some great sentences like

  • Other features of July 4 parades involve Shriner mini-cars, high school marching bands, floats promoting civic organizations and politicians, and children riding decorated bicycles.
  • Barbecues generally involve hamburgers and hot dogs which may be garnished with mustard, ketchup, onions. Hamburgers may be topped with lettuce and/or tomatoes, and hot dogs may be topped with relish.
  • Guests at barbecues and picnics may sit at a picnic table or some other form of outdoor furniture.

Waldon, CA


So you grew up in the far east (Concord,Martinez,Pleasant Hill,Walnut Creek) and you think you know everything there is to know about it. How to get beer at World Gas, the rope swing on the hill on Morello, the fact that it's faster to get from Gregory to Morello and Center by taking Elderwood by Kim's house. I bet you didn't know this. So ya know Pleasant Hill BART, and those new houses next to the Iron Horse Trail, and all those houses along Oak Rd. that parallels 680, where Melissa Martinez used to live. Those have got to be in Walnut Creek right. Or maybe Pleasant Hill. Not sure where they draw the line are ya. Well guess what, they're in neither. They're in Waldon, CA. Where is Waldon you may ask. Or even what is Waldon. It's a CDP, or a Census Designated Place. Looks like Waldon is a no mans land between Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek that's unincorporated for some reason. I'm awfully curious about the name. In Waldon, CA is Walden Park, on Oak Rd. but the spellings don't match. Anyhow, now you know one more piece of esoterica about the far east.