Voice clone?

IRC chat log :

(01:28:45 PM) gene: apparently, Jane just interviewed a guy who has my voice and my speech mannerisms. I don't really know what to do about this
(01:29:38 PM) rch: uh oh
(01:29:45 PM) rch: you're going to need to eccentrify
(01:29:48 PM) rch: this is my territory
(01:29:58 PM) rch: i'll prepare some educational material and props for you for tonight

Californian and want to vote for Ron Paul?

If you are registered to vote in California and in the declaration of your party affiliation have chosen "Decline to State" as have 19.2% of Californians and 29.43% of San Franciscans, this coming year, if you were planning on voting in the Republican Primary, you can't. The Republican party has opted to not allow independents to vote in their primary, unlike the Democratic party. This means that if you want to vote for Kucinich, you're all set, but if you were looking to vote for say Ron Paul, you have to register as Republican. You'd have to make this change before January 21st. To change your party affiliation from "Decline to State" to "Republican" in order to vote in the primary, you can either download a voter registration form, print it, sign it and mail it in to the county registrar of voters for your county, or head over to your nearest library or post office, pick one up, fill it out and mail it. I'll be re-registering as Republican on Monday.