San Diego or Bust

So I'm riding down to San Diego tommorow. Just thought, for those in the gene fan club, that you all might like to look at the route. Enjoy.

Berkely to San Diego

From: near Berkeley To: 526 Anderson Pl, San Diego, CA 92103
Driving Distance: 558.4 miles Time: 11 hours, 42 minutes


Time Distance Instruction
6:12 AM0.0 1   Depart near Berkeley on Ward St (East) for 0.4 mi
6:13 AM0.4Turn RIGHT (South) onto Adeline St for 0.9 mi
6:14 AM1.3Bear LEFT (South) onto Martin Luther King Way for 0.9 mi
6:16 AM2.1Continue (South) on Ramp for 0.6 mi towards CA-24 / Downtown Oakland / San Francisco / Hayward
6:17 AM2.7Merge onto I-980 [Grove Shafter Fwy] (South) for 1.7 mi
6:19 AM4.4Turn off onto Ramp for 0.6 mi towards I-880
6:20 AM4.9Merge onto I-880 [Nimitz Fwy] (East) for 37.9 mi
7:07 AM42.8Turn off onto Ramp for 0.2 mi towards US-101 / Los Angeles
7:07 AM43.0Continue (East) on US-101 [Bayshore Fwy] for 36.3 mi
Construction between Gilroy and San Martin from 05/24/02 to 03/31/03
7:51 AM79.4Turn LEFT (East) onto Old Monterey Rd for 32 yds
7:51 AM79.4Turn LEFT (North) onto US-101 [South Valley Fwy] for 0.8 mi
7:52 AM80.1 2   At SR-25, continue (North) on Ramp for 0.2 mi towards CA-25 / US-101 / Hollister / Salinas
7:53 AM80.3Merge onto SR-25 [Bloomfield Ave] (East) for 11.0 mi
8:11 AM91.4Bear RIGHT (South) onto SR-156 [San Felipe Rd] for 0.8 mi
8:14 AM92.2Continue (South) on SR-25 [San Benito St] for 12.0 mi
8:37 AM104.2 3   At SR-25 & Panoche Rd, Hollister, CA 95023, stay on SR-25 [Airline Hwy] (South) for 30.0 mi
9:29 AM134.2Turn LEFT (East) onto Coalinga Rd for 24.8 mi
10:11 AM159.0 4   At Coalinga Rd & Los Gatos Rd, Paicines, CA 95043, continue (East) on Los Gatos Rd for 21.2 mi
10:42 AM176.8Refuel before here (last refuel was 176.8 miles ago)
10:48 AM180.2Turn RIGHT (South) onto S Derrick Blvd for 4.0 mi
10:56 AM184.2Turn LEFT (East) onto Jayne Ave for 1.0 mi
10:58 AM185.3Continue (East) on W Polk St for 0.5 mi
10:59 AM185.8 5   At SR-198 & E Polk St, Coalinga, CA 93210, continue (East) on SR-33 [E Polk St] for 48.6 mi
11:58 AM234.3Turn RIGHT (West) onto SR-46 for 32 yds
11:58 AM234.4Turn LEFT (South) onto SR-33 [HWY-33] for 0.4 mi
11:58 AM234.7 6   At SR-33 & Blackwell Village Dr, Lost Hills, CA 93249, stay on SR-33 [HWY-33] (South-East) for 45.3 mi
12:54 PM280.1 7   At HWY-33 & Tannehill Lease Rd, Maricopa, CA 93252, stay on SR-33 [HWY-33] (South-East) for 2.8 mi
12:57 PM282.8Bear RIGHT (West) onto SR-166 [California St] for 13.8 mi
1:14 PM296.6Turn LEFT (South) onto SR-33 for 57.4 mi
2:23 PM354.0Turn RIGHT (South) onto SR-150 [SR-33] for 2.1 mi
2:26 PM356.1Bear LEFT (South) onto SR-33 [N Ventura Ave] for 2.4 mi
2:30 PM358.5 8   At SR-33 & W Oak View Ave, Oak View, CA 93022, stay on SR-33 [N Ventura Ave] (South) for 8.8 mi
2:33 PM361.2Refuel before here (last refuel was 184.5 miles ago)
2:40 PM367.3Turn off onto Ramp for 0.6 mi towards US-101 / Los Angeles
2:42 PM367.9Continue (East) on US-101 [Ventura Fwy] for 51.2 mi
Road widening between Oxnard and Ventura (SB) from 06/05/02 to 11/18/05
3:42 PM419.1Continue (South) on Ramp for 0.8 mi towards I-405 / San Diego Fwy North / San Diego Fwy South / Sacramento / Santa Monica
3:43 PM419.9Merge onto I-405 [San Diego Fwy] (South) for 63.0 mi
4:41 PM482.9Bear RIGHT (South) onto I-5 [San Diego Fwy] for 62.6 mi
Construction between Dana Point and San Juan Capistrano (SB) from 03/29/02 to 01/28/05
5:25 PM530.8Refuel before here (last refuel was 169.6 miles ago)
5:39 PM545.5Continue (South) on I-805 [Inland Fwy] for 7.9 mi towards I-805
5:46 PM553.4Turn off onto Ramp for 0.4 mi towards CA-163 / Downtown
5:47 PM553.8Merge onto SR-163 [Cabrillo Fwy] (South) for 3.8 mi
5:52 PM557.6Turn off onto Ramp for 0.2 mi towards University Ave
5:52 PM557.7Bear RIGHT (South) onto 6th Ave for 0.6 mi
5:54 PM558.3Turn RIGHT (West) onto Anderson Pl for 87 yds
5:54 PM558.4 9   Arrive 526 Anderson Pl, San Diego, CA 92103

If you have Micro$oft Streets and Trips, feel free to check out the route. Download file


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