Notice of Parking Violation Hearing Decision

So last year on October 5th I received a 50$ parking ticket on my motorcycle in San Francisco. I've been fighting this ticket for over six months now, and after losing and failing over and over, in my last appeal I finally won. Here is the text of the letter I got from the Department Of Parking And Traffic.
Re: Protest of parking citation XXXXXXXXX
Dear Mr. Wood:
A hearing was initiated in response to your protest.
After reviewing all the evidence, I find the citation invalid.
A field survey has confirmed your claim that the vehicle was not in violation and was cited outside the tow away zone.
You can expect a refund in the mail in 1 to 2 weeks. No further action is required.
Hearing Officer


  • holohan says:

    yes, yes, but what were your court fees getting there?

  • gene says:

    hmm… not sure what you mean about “court fees getting there” I had to pay them the 50$ for the ticket and they’re refunding it to me now.

  • tracy says:


  • Jolie says:

    Congratulations. I’m in awe of your perseverence. The only ticket I’ve ever gotten was while driving through Oregon on the way back to school. The cop was completely in the wrong and being a lying bastard… but I had to do all of my protesting in writing. After 2 appeals, I gave in and payed the bastards. I had finals to take. But I’m still left with a twinge of bitterness over the situation.

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