Ever wondered what those bicycle signs are for in San Francisco?

So I'm always driving or riding around San Francisco seeing these little street signs with a bicycle on them and a number indicating some kind of a route number like a highway or interstate, but for bikes. Well I found out what it is. The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition maintains a map of all of the SF bicycle routes. The map is amazing. I recommend downloading it and checking it out. It indicates routes to get from district to district utilizing low grade (not steep) and low traffic directions. Enjoy.



  • kt says:

    you rock �my firm, bicycling arse.
    (which didofoot knows i mean strictly figuratively)
    (particularly since my arse is sort of mushy)
    but on behalf of both bicycling vigils, and with variable firmness, thanx!

  • didofoot says:

    i hereby disclaim having any knowledge about kt’s arse. even though sodomy is legal now.

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