Brief moments of fame

So I've gotten briefly famous in the last few weeks for a program that I wrote. It's been inspiring to say the least. I wrote about mt-blacklist a few weeks ago. It's a very useful tool but was missing one piece so I decided to write a helper program to go with it. A few hours later I had mt-blacklist-autoupdate written and out on the net. I then installed it on cementhorizon, it worked great and I forgot about it. Since then people have been downloading it and using it. Here's some of the response (I'm glowing) :

At this point another guy, Cheah Chu Yeow, wrote another updater partially based on my code. His program, MT-Blacklist Update uses lots of mine and looks to be pretty cool.

Anyhow, I'm just so proud to have my skills recognized and praised, not something that happens much in my life.


  • Jay Allen says:

    Gratitude is undoubtedly the biggest motivator for me as well. It feels good to provide people with something they need.
    So, thanks for creating the blacklist updater. It was definitely a piece that is currently missing from MT-Blacklist. This will be remedied in the future with a very easy-to-use yet extremly advanced system of interconnecting blacklists, but until that time comes, this was an important bridge.

  • Brian says:

    Congrats Gene! Hopefully this is just a prelude to the long and enjoyable programming career you can look forward to having.
    Meanwhile, once I get up and running, I’ll be sure to implement some gene-etics myself. ( was bought out by some domain-head-hunting bastard while I was distracted by South Florida Yellow-tail (Tuna’s, of course)).

  • didofoot says:

    congratulations! you have mad skills; i’ve always said so.

  • stingray says:

    mad skills. 🙂

  • gene says:

    Sweet, autoupdate has been downloaded 117 times!

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