Extra Extra : Headliner dwarfed by opener in Physics coup

So I went to see Pinback last night at the Starry Plough with Allen and Sean. I started chatting with a guy from Texas who was there to see the opener, Aspects of Physics. I hadn't heard of them and didn't bother to ask what they were all about. They came on stage and had a number of laptops set up which I thought was odd. Pinback is a indy rock band + piano. AOP started out their set and it was undeniably IDM electonica ( Autechre, Aphex Twin, etc. ). It was fantastic, somewhere in between Boards of Canada and Autechre. Half music, half noise. A lot like Mark Gage. They plaid ( bad pun ) a short set and then Pinback came up. They played a good set as well, and I enjoyed them but I was too busy glowing from AOP. A great night all around.


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