Not Nobles

Oh, and if I hear one more newscaster pronounce the "Robles" in Paso Robles like the word nobles, I'm gonna lose it.


  • Jacob says:

    Quoth the Hamburglar: “Robble, robble!”

  • gene says:

    When the clown laughs, his lips, his eyes, his eye-brows, and eyelids–indeed, all the features of his countenance–are imbued with their appropriate expressions. In both him and his companion, every gesture is so entirely easy, and free from the semblance of artificiality, that, were it not for the diminutiveness of their size, and the fact of their being passed from one spectator to another previous to their exhibition on the rope, it would be difficult to convince any assemblage of persons that these wooden automata were not living creatures.

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