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So mozilla has finally solved the cookie question. First the problem, then the solution.
Problem :
1. Web sites often require your browser to allow cookies for the site to work.
2. Persistent cookies are a privacy concern since it allows companies to track you.
3. Some persistent cookies are good, like the one that lets yahoo know it's you and show you movie times in your zipcode or the one that lets cementhorizon know you're you and give you access to the address book.
Solution :
Step 1. In Mozilla 1.7.1 (and above) under "Edit" ... "Preferences" ... "Privacy & Security" ... "Cookies" ... "Cookie Acceptance Policy" choose the "Allow all cookies" option
Step 2. under "Edit" ... "Preferences" ... "Privacy & Security" ... "Cookies" ... "Cookie Lifetime Policy" choose the "Accept for current session only"
Step 3. when you come to a site (like cementhorizon, yahoo, amazon, citysearch, ebay, netflix, slashdot, tvguide, etc.) which you want to always recognize you (using cookies), under "Tools" ... "Cookie Manager" change the "User Default Cookie Permissions" to "Allow cookies from this site"
Here's what happens. First a short bit of background. There are two kinds of cookies, persistent cookies and session cookies. Persistent cookies are the ones that stay with you for weeks or months or years. These help cementhorizon recognize when it's you browsing to the site, or helps yahoo recognize it's you and provide you with local movie listings. Session cookies are cookies that stay on your computer, only until you close your browser (or shut you computer off). At this point they die and disappear. Background done, on to the explanation. When you browse around the web, mozilla accepts all the cookies that every site wants to set. Because of this every site that requires cookies to work, functions correctly. The trick is that even if a site wants to set a persistent cookie (one that would normally stay with you for years, allowing the company to track your habits over time) mozilla stores the cookie as a session cookie. This means that as soon as you finish surfing the net and close your browser, the cookie is gone. By going to the few sites (for me it's 8 or 9 sites total) for which you want persistent cookies to be available (like the list of cool sites above) and explicitly telling mozilla to not "Use default cookie permissions" but instead "Allow cookies from this site" (meaning allow persistent cookies) you can have your cake and eat it too.
If anyone wants clarification or help setting this up, please ask. I think this is one of the greatest advancements in the mozilla project since its creation and one I've been waiting for for years. Up until this point, I've been suffering through hack solutions (constantly clicking popup windows asking me if I want to allow or disallow a specific cookie, browsing to sites that require cookies with Internet Explorer instead of mozilla, etc.). It's a great feeling to be free! Thank you open source.
As a tangential note, I was accepted to develop on a favorite open source project of mine (Snoopy) today. Now I can incorporate bugfixes to my hearts content.


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