Stolen VFR

Stolen Motorcycle

  • 1991 Honda VFR 750 F
  • Distinguishing characteristics :
    • The left side (from the rider's perspective) middle and lower fairings (big red plastic covering panels) are missing.
    • Silver aluminum plate attached to the back of the bike just below the license plate with a San Francisco parking permit (Area S) on it.
    • Right side middle fairing has scrapes and a crack on it.
    • 4 "Bunngie Buddies" mount points attached to the rear fairings
  • Stolen : 4:30pm Tuesday August 31st. on Peladeau St. near the Chevron station at Powell & Hollis in front of the Emerystation building in Emeryville.
  • Suspect : Passenger in a Grey Ford Expedition, License # 4DZW536, 17 year old black male, short hair, medium build, white shirt white pants.
  • Picture
  • Location : 5860 Peladeau St. Emeryville, CA
  • What to do if you see the bike or the Expedition : Contact Emeryville Police at (510) 596-3700. The officer dealing with this case is Officer Davidson.

Any information at all would be greatly appreciated. The bike was not insured for theft and so this is my loss, not a big corporation. My name is Gene Wood and you can reach me at (415) 722-9846. Thanks very much.


The bike was recovered two days later when the thief killed himself riding it. I will recover the remains tomorrow (of the bike).

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