VFR I miss you

So I figured I'd try to let everyone know this at the same time, just to cut down on the times I have to tell the story (twist the knife). My motorcycle was stolen yesterday from in front of AskJeeves at about 4:30pm. I left the keys in it when I parked it and have obviously gotten what I deserved for doing so. At about 4:30, a Ford Expedition drove up and the passenger (young kid about 16) got out and unlocked and drove off with my bike. One of the security guards at the building thought this looked odd, so he took down the license plate of the Expedition. The car is registered out of Oceanside, CA (southern california) so it's not of much value. Anyhow, maybe it'll turn up in the next month, or maybe it's gone. I didn't have comprehensive insurance (only liability) since the bike had been almost totaled (from an insurance standpoint) about a year ago, when a guy backed his car into it while it was parked. So that's my story, and I guess the moral is don't be a fool and leave your keys in your car/bike.


  • didofoot says:

    I love you and you don’t deserve to lose your bike for a mistake. I was daydreaming this morning about finding the bike and tricking the kid who took it into hanging around until the cops came and took him off to jail. The little twerp.

  • Dianna says:

    Twerp is a good word. I’m very sorry for your bike loss, sir. Can I offer you an enormous plate of banana muffins to cheer you up?

  • didofoot says:

    yes. i need cheering up too. because i am so sad from not having banana muffins.

  • Dianna says:

    Oh. Well, banana muffins are only for cheering up people whose bikes have been stolen. The prescription for people who are sad over a lack of banana muffins is castor oil, I’m afraid. Sorry.
    Also, VFR = Very Fly Ride?

  • sean says:

    I’m really sorry, Gene. Damn, that motorcycle was great. I’m putting up a tribute.

  • gene says:

    V = The V shape of the Cylinders (not inline, or boxer like a BMW)
    F = Four Cylinders
    R = Racing Bike
    more info

  • michele says:

    sucks! once my dad’s car got stolen from his office parking garage and we got it back. so i will hold out hope for your bike.

  • danny says:

    Ouch, ouch, ouch. Aw, gene, I really feel your pain. I had my set of two wheels stolen from in front of my house in FL earlier this year, and it hurt so incredibly bad. Your vehicle becomes such an extension of your body, especially when you ride a bike. When that’s taken away, it, well, you can imagine the extended metaphor here. It just hurts. Really really hurts.
    How are you getting to work now?

  • robyn says:

    Gene, that sucks!
    Oceanside is close to San Diego…so, I guess I’ll keep my eye out for it, uh, just in case.

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