Bike’s sold

Yesterday I sold my bike to a taxi driving ex-marine from Palo Alto. Great guy. He, his nephew and I worked for a half hour on the bike to get it ridable, he jumped on and followed us back to San Francisco and was off. I'm glad the bike has a new home with someone who'll love it.

Now to find myself a new bike. What's the dream bike that you wish you could get but aren't going to? Well my number one choice, though it's totally impractical, is a Suzuki Hayabusa. This would however get stolen before I ever really had a chance to ride it. So my number 2 choice, which I also probably won't get, is a new Honda VFR Interceptor with Antilock Brakes. I'll probably just get a '01 or '02 normal VFR. So, wish me luck.


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