Halloween in the Castro

UPDATE : Here are Pictures.

If you're BARTing in from the east bay, transfer to Muni at Embarcadero Station. Just come up from BART, exit the BART turnstyles, and go across to the Muni turnstyles. Take any line OUTBOUND.

Starting at 7pm, the Castro Muni station will close, so the place to get off or on muni is just down market at the Church St. Station or at Duboce Park.

Here is a map of the places to get off of any of the 5 underground Muni lines, and where to walk to get to 140 Noe St.

To get on MUNI you'll need a $1.25. You'll need this in as either a dollar and change or just change. If you show up with only 5's 10's or 20's you're screwed. Make sure you have $1.25 in either change or one dollar bills.

BART will be running additional trains to the east bay. The last 2 special BART trains of the evening will depart Embarcadero at 12:49am and 1:09AM. I recommend catching these trains at Civic Center or 16th St Mission.

If you're BARTing in get a round trip ticket when you leave the east bay. This way you won't have to wait in line late tonight as everybody get's their return tickets.

Seeya tonight


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