Testing Google Adwords

I've been reading up on Google AdWords trying to think of an easier way of covering our hosting costs, but because of the way the AdWords system is structured, there's now way to have any idea how much money the ads make until you put them up. It has to do with the fact that the advertisers bid for the ads and other reasons that I don't yet fully understand. So I've tossed up an ad on the main page of CH as well as on the main page of my blog to see what happens. I want everyone to keep in mind this is just for testing to find out how it works, I'm not adding advertising to the site. Anything like that would be discussed with the community first. So nobody fret. It is kinda neat how the ads are related to whatever is in the web page that you're looking at. So for the next week or so enjoy text ads on the site.

Here's an example :

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