So, To follow up on the strangeness that was yesterday. I made it through work, only forgetting one meeting, and managed to meet with a fellow KALX volunteer at lunch and work out some stuff about the production classes that we teach at the station. I left work and headed to KALX for the dreaded PRC (Programmers Review Committee) judgment. This is where I find out if I get the show that I applied for. It was pretty much not in the bag since the DJ who I was going up against has been at the station for 20 years on July 4th. Through a bizarre twist of fate, at the end of the evening the PRC granted me the show and informed me that my first show would start in 9 hours (6AM-9AM Wednesdays). Elated and a little bamboozled I rode home and went to sleep to go to my show this morning.

I did my brand new show this morning (which I now have for a year) and feel like a new man.

So, To sum up. I got the DJ shift that I'd thought I was assured I wouldn't, I got my bag of rain gear I'd left in Hope's car, I'm bringing Shawn lunch today (Philly Cheese steak. Mmmm..) in hopes to thank him for the solid he did me by covering my shift. I've gotten the phone number of the unlucky trainee who covered the first 40 minutes of my show so I can apologize to him. I haven't received or missed any on-call calls in about 18 hours. And it looks like my girl is healing as her back is slowly feeling better.

So For anyone who has been enjoying my show every Tuesday from 6AM-9AM, tune in on Wednesday's now from 6 to 9 on 90.7FM.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled rarely-updated-blog.


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