Craig’s movie is out!


So today's the day! Hustle and Flow comes out today. For those who haven't been following this story, Hustle and Flow is a film by my friend Craig Brewer, who some of you may know from College Park.

I got to meet up with Craig, briefly, at the San Francisco preview of the film back on June 30th. I also got to talk to Amanda (Craig's sister) for a bit which was nice since I haven't spoken to her in many years. I took some photos at the preview. The film was great. I was surprised, since it looked like it pertained to subject matter that I didn't find interesting. Turns out that's just the context of a really great film. When I first heard that Craig's film had been picked at Sundance I went and got some crunk music to find out what it was. I was underwhelmed, but was still interested in seeing the film. Anyhow, turns out that Craig had a great time at the preview. An article in SFGate titled Poor and hungry, Craig Brewer gave his chancy movie 'Hustle' all he had -- and it paid off big talks a bit about the screening and Craig's thoughts on it, as well as the story of how the film was made. He told the stories at the theater that he's been telling at all of the previews and in all of the interviews, which were neat to hear first person.

I enjoyed reading this article about the LA premiere. I really enjoyed the photo of Craig at the premier.

So today's the day. It comes out today, so if you'd like to see it, check it out this weekend. You can find showtimes here.

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