Welcome to the Sixth World

On December 24, at the same moment that hundreds of Japanese witnessed the first appearance of the great dragon Ryumyo as they sped past Mount Fuji on a bullet train, the Prophet of the Great Ghost Dance, Daniel Howling Coyote, led his followers out of the Abilene Re-Education Center. By then, there was no question: magic had returned to the world.

The Sixth World

What is known as the Year of Chaos was actually the end of the old age and the beginning of the new, the dawn of the Awakened world. Some mystics point to the Mayan calendar as an authority, noting that it predicts the start of a new cycle of humanity on December 24, 2011. They also say the appearance of the dragon Ryumyo is the signpost marking what the Mayans called the emergence of the Sixth World.

On this day in the game world of Shadowrun, the "Sixth World" erupted into existence with both the appearance of terrifying and magical creatures as well as the emancipation of the Native American population, at the time sequestered to concentration camps. The newly free Native American population would go on to retake much of the United States west of the Mississippi establishing new nations of powerful war mages and other Awakened shamans.

Looking forward to working with Michele on the next game. Can't wait to see what she comes up with.

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  • michele says:

    a post about me! i love it. annnnnd more pressure. john is very jealous i’m playing shadowrun. he flipped thru your source book making little nostalgic exclamations.

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