Sometimes I'm briefly shocked by the change in technology that has occurred in such a short time. I'm watching a video of an intro to git (a software version control system) and in it the guy, while describing how git is different than other version control systems, says "You can work when you're off the internet entirely; so if you're working on an airplane or something." and I think, ya that makes perfect sense. Then I think, wow, the only time I don't have the ability to be digitally connected to billions of devices is while I'm on a plane. Pretty much all other places and times I'm connected. Head 'asplode.


  • michele says:

    except now many airlines offer wifi on airplanes so you can be connected to all your devices anyway.

  • Evan says:

    I think that it’s actually harder to get phone/internet in most rural places than on airplanes these days. Most people up the valley from us wouldn’t have internet if it weren’t for the casino up there, and there are still places up there where even voice and SMS don’t work.

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