My thoughts exactly…?

So I'm riding on a little cloud of pride at the moment. I've helped Kris and Jacob bring their blogs live on Movable Type and upgraded to the new version. I just got home from work and just finished downing 50 centiliters of my favorite german beer, Augustinerbrau Munchen Lagerbier Hell, so I'm kinda weavy. It's funny cause Helles (my preferred german beer) is like the budweiser of germany, it's way not exotic. It's the best thing I can find though. I enjoy it alot, I mean I drink A LOT of it. I have a beer with every meal (except lunch, when I'm at work). Breakfast at the Australian bar, dinner at the turkish restaurant, etc. I've really gotten into having a beer with every meal. I don't think it constitutes any degree of alcoholism though. I could be wrong. It seems to me that if you don�t crave it, and you don�t drink to excess (too often) then, no worries. Who knows. Ahh well, I like it. I�m also listening to the most excellent remix album Melon. I think I lifted this from either Robyn or Cody. Whichever, I have to thank you cause it�s brightening my afternoon. Often when writing these blog entries I get this Kristenesque self doubt and self awareness of the narcissistic nature. I�d comment on it but it�s really been done at this point. It really doesn�t need to be brought up again. I think. Oh, and sorry for the anti-american tirade on cementhorizon on the 4th. I think I intended a more anti Cathy Burke, the writer, but it came out wrong. Eh, whatever.
So this girl here in Munich, SMSed me today (instant messenger for cell phones in Europe). She was all bent out of shape cause I had not responded to a request of hers to go to some concert. I must have just forgotten as I am known to do. Anyhow I apologized profusely and she forgave me. It was still disorienting to get a message from someone who you are not BEST friends with and still in the �developing the friendship� stage of the relationship, in the voice of a jealous girlfriend or something. Hmm.. maybe a language barrier, not sure. All is well now.
So I implemented over the weekend a cool new tracking function. On the main page of cementhorizon is this block called partners. It�s now sorted by the most recently updated site, and shows the update date. I�m proud. Also check out the new and improved Carthage and Avenue Canyons.
I read Nuala�s entry about her hanging out with the old crew. I thought it was really interesting that it was a relief to be around people who haven�t been here during the entire drama of the past couple years. I understand but I feel bad that we (well kinda we) haven�t provided a more oatmeal of an environment. I guess that would be impossible. I dunno, I guess I would hope that everyone (us) would be a haven for each other with all the less than good shit happening. Hell, maybe we are, I don�t know. I would like to aspire to be a compassionate and caring person to whom others (my closest friends) feel at home with. I want to be home for you. This amorphous audience is difficult to speak to. You, in the aforementioned sentence, is my girls (kris,mich,nuala). I mean for all I know, you don�t need it. If so then just take it as flattering appreciation, but I care a lot about you guys. I�ve been so happy to be able to provide this hosting setup so you all can have some fun, publishing on the web. It�s not exactly what I mean though. I know this is clich�d, but I want you three to know that if you have a need or a request or anything regardless of it�s difficulty or it�s nature, that I am available to you (more so when I get back to the Bay) along with all of my resources. I aspire to be the kind of person for whom you three would feel comfortable asking anything of. Anyhow.
I leave you with memepool lifted marshmallow rabbit in moon.


  • michele says:

    wow. i want a rabbit in my moon.

  • michele says:

    fyi did you know that it doesn’t let you enter your email address on the first page of the comment feature but then when you push post it says, “hey you didn’t enter your email address. enter it now or no post for you.” and then you have to enter it. it’s irritating. why can’s i enter it the first time around.

  • michele says:

    and furthermore.
    hey thanks.

  • emily says:

    Gene, what a nice post that was! Although, I really am curious: just how “weavy” were you when you wrote it? Love, love,

  • didofoot says:

    hey ditto.
    nice rabbit.

  • michele says:

    man i want some smores now…

  • michele says:

    ahem. i have a dirty joke to tell. and since gene is currently MIA, i am going to tell it on his site. btb: everybody has to thank for my brother for this one.
    what’s the difference between a priest and acne?
    acne usually doesn’t come on a boy’s face till he’s 13.

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