artifex is broken

So for everyone who uses artifex for their email and other services, as you probably know your server has been down for a couple days. To those who have an interest (Dan, Dave, Katie, etc.) you're more than welcome to come over to Cementhorizon territory and get yourself some five nines action. The offer stands.

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  • gene says:

    You guys need a backup mx server.

    [gene_wood@sbaitso mail]$ nslookup – NS1.EVERYDNS.NET
    Note: nslookup is deprecated and may be removed from future releases.
    Consider using the `dig’ or `host’ programs instead. Run nslookup with
    the `-sil[ent]’ option to prevent this message from appearing.
    > set type=mx
    Server: NS1.EVERYDNS.NET
    Address: mail exchanger = 10

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