Death to Friendster, long live Orkut

So, to massive fanfare, the internet users of the world sighed a collective sigh of relief last Friday as Google entered the Social Networking arena with Orkut. Social Networking you say, what is that. Well, have you used or heard of Friendster? Orkut is the same, but better. Better how? Well, it's backed by enough money and servers so that when 6pm rolls around the whole service doesn't come to a grinding halt. It's also affiliated with Google, which, to date, has been one of the most ethical internet companies I've seen. I trust my email address with google. I don't trust it with Friendster. A child of Google isn't going to get bought out and have it's user database sold to Broadjump. Anyhow, one interesting thing about Orkut is that unlike Friendster, it's by invitation only, meaning everyone on the network, is connected to somebody else somehow. So if this intrigues you, and you are a friend of mine (meaning somebody that I see on some kind of a regular basis) comment here and I'll invite you, and you can check it out. You won't even have to pay someone to invite you.

Also, in case you were wondering social networking services are about the lamest thing in the world. I can't really understand what they're for, but if you're initial response to this is "Geez, that's lame" you're dead on.

In case you're wondering this is what it's like.


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