Concrete Skyline goes to Boston

I'm writing from inside a MCI Worldcom colocation center in Billerica, MA. It's an industrial building in a forest basically. The facility is really big. And there's a lot of servers. It's about 78 degrees and humid. Hope it cools down back home. It'll rain here tomorrow and then through the end of the week.


  • Dianna says:

    How did you get to Massachussetts so fast? I just saw you last night!

  • Danny says:

    It was the “Spare the Air” day. He saved so much time buying a BART ticket this morning to SFO that it seems almost as if he was magically transported there.

  • didofoot says:

    don’t they have air conditioning in this megaplex?

  • gene says:

    Yes, inside the building is an entirely different environment. If you’re in an even numbered row (a row with the faces of servers facing you, it’s chilly and you need a sweater on. If you’re in an odd numbered row, with the rear ends of the servers facing you, it’s like being in the hair-dryer-testing-facility. And the whole place is dry as a bone.
    Outside is where it’s warm and humid.

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