Cool Stuff at Maker Faire 2008

Here's a wrapup of some of the cool stuff I saw at the Maker Faire yesterday. Kris, my dad, my uncle Kevin, a family friend Steve, and myself went.

  • Crayon Physics Deluxe is a physics puzzle computer game that Petri Purho was showing off. You can see a video of it here. I stood there and played it for a very long time.
  • I met Craig Dorety and re-met Guillermo Galindo. I'm going to try to get them on KALX Live this year. Craig builds electronic instruments and Guillermo builds instruments out of pretty much anything.
  • Am I just the last one on the bus? How have I never heard of a vintage pinball arcade in alameda where you go, pay 10 bucks and get free play on all the pinball machines while you're there? Definitely looking forward to this place.
  • The xtel ubiquitous content platform looks like a pretty cool technology suite of input sensors that wirelessly communicate with each other.
  • TechShop had a whole building at the faire with a bunch of their machines out being used. I'm pondering if I should join, it looks pretty amazing.
  • Metal Supermarkets are "The Convenience Stores of the Metal Industry". They've got all kinds of metal, they cut it for you, no minimum order needed. I'll be buying stuff from this place soon.
  • Fritz Bogott, the creator of Novel-a-Month was at the faire recording video of people reading his most recent story, Boggle and Sneak, in his time machine. I got to read a section for him. He's going to edit down all of the footage and make a youtube video of his book.
  • I got to meet and watch Tony Baxter present a talk on "Creating Disney-themed Parks Designs". He shared some color photos he found at a garage sale from the opening day at Disneyland. After the talk I tried to encourage him to scan them and put them online so everyone could see them since they were amazing.

Here are some photos from the faire.

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