Live in the Castro

So in an apogee of nerdery I give you And if you thought that a webcam of the Castro Halloween festivities wasn't enough, you can also listen in on a 64kbps stream. So if you weren't able to make it out tonight, and you're stuck at home, join us virtually.


  • jason says:

    Wow, it´s like I´m right there in the action.

  • kati says:

    It’s fun to hear the sounds:
    A deep base beat under a Eurythmics song, the intermittent drunken ‘whoooo-hoooo!’ from a costumed reveler. Neato!
    Also, Gene: Got your message, sorry I didn’t call you back, will tomorrow. And also, check.

  • holohan says:

    Is the picture supposed to be moving or is there just an update interval?

  • didofoot says:

    and if you think listening to our apartment is fun, just imagine *living* in our apartment and suddenly feeling intensely paranoid about everything you say in case someone you know is listening to you. now that is fun on a scale unknown to you. a miniature scale.

  • didofoot says:

    ps neat tool though, hon.

  • gene says:

    The picture was updating every 15 seconds. Kinda outta focus though. Ahh well, it was free.
    When I got home at about 1am, I shut the machine down, I’ll bring it up again for the next party or whatever.

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